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2019 Warrior All-Americans

07/23/2019 8:35 PM -

Congratulations to the 2019 Warrior All-Americans!

Players were chosen after consultation with their coaches after a memorable first day of play in the inaugural Warrior All-America Games!

Pictures will be taken Wednesday at check-in tent for the players who were selected the tournament all-star team.

2021 - 11:30 a.m. 
2022 - 12:30 p.m. 
2023 - 8:45 a.m. 
2024 - 7:45 a.m. 
2025 - 8:50 a.m. 
2026 - 9:10 a.m. 
2027 - 9:10 a.m. 
2028 - 12:15 p.m. 


Danny Zabbia, attack, Warp 
Kyle O'Donoghue, attack, Freeze
Wyatt Keller, midfield, Freeze
Hayden Callahan, midfield, Burn 
Jack Fiorello, midfield, Evo 
Drew Freestone, midfield, Evo 
Spencer Deane, midfield, Warp 
Dalton Wilkins, defense, Freeze 
Gavin Lacy, defense, Burn 
Evan Grimes, defense, Warp 
Wesley Ralph, goalie, Burn 


Wil McKinnon, attack, Burn 
Xander Craven, attack, Warp 
Ryan Webb, attack, Freeze
Luke DeRosa, midfield, Burn 
Fritz Miklos, midfield, Warp
Konrad Maciejny, midfield, Evo 
Gavin Ouhrabka, faceoff, Burn 
Stephen Deamisis, defense, Evo 
Jesse Woodill, defense, Burn 
Jack Sharma, defense, Warp 
Hunter Mestey, goalie, Freeze


Tyler Maille, attack, Northeast 
Lawson Pritchett, attack, South 
Tucker Chanenchuk, midfield, New England 
Alex Urynika, midfield, New Jersey 
Jackson Strickland, midfield, South 
Aidan Lough, midfield, Long Island 
Patrick Murphy, faceoff, Long Island 
Jack Jeffcoat, defense, Long Island 
Vincent Layne, defense, Florida 
Connor Coombs, defense, South 
PJ Verdi, goalie, Long Island 


Ayden DiRocco, attack, Philly 
Sam Whitehurst, attack, Mid-Atlantic 
Will Madden, attack, New Jersey 
Carter Marks, midfield, Philly 
Ben McCarthy, midfield, Philly 
Shea Brennan, midfield, New Jersey 
Aidan Diaz-Matos, faceoff, Mid-Atlantic 
Kiernan Campbell, defense, Philly 
Quentin Kuehn, defense, New Jersey
Cam Chambers, defense, New England 
Brayden Ferguson, goalie, Mid-Atlantic


Griffin Flood, attack, Tristate 
Michael Ortlieb, attack, Philly 
Charlie Lockwood, attack, Upstate 
Russell Fitzgerald, midfield, Philly 
Mitchell Monte, midfield, Upstate 
Brody Secker, midfield, Upstate
Connor Wambach, faceoff, Upstate 
Henry Falkner, defense, Tristate 
Simon Kowal, defense, Upstate 
Devin LeBlanc, defense, New England 
Keegan Dunn, goalie, Philly 


Devin Paccione, attack, Long Island North
Koren Vanterpool, attack, South 
Nicholas Caruso, midfield, New Jersey
Brody Helton, midfield, New England 
Anthony Mancaruso, midfield, Long Island North 
Anthony LoSauro, midfield, New Jersey 
Robert Johnson, faceoff, Long Island North
Logan DeWaters, defense, New England 
Colin Craig, defense, Long Island North 
Brennan Protosow, defense, Long Island North 
Ryan Cataldo, goalie, Long Island North 


Hunter Hanford, attack, Revolution
Grant Lewis, attack, Freeze 
Gavin Rinaldi, midfield, Freeze
John Hawthorne, midfield, Revolution 
Marco Petrucelli, midfield, Revolution 
Chris Delustro, midfield, Freeze
Tommy Malfa, faceoff, Revolution 
Giovanni Antonelli, defense, Revolution 
Michael Ipploto, defense, Freeze
Jason Reitman, defense, Evo 
Jett Stake, goalie, Freeze


Mason Smith, attack, Evo
Laird Manifold, attack, Freeze
Hugh Sumners, attack, Evo 
John Sorenson, midfield, Evo 
William LoSauro, midfield, Warp 
Gavin Hoffner, midfield, Burn 
JD Berry, faceoff, Evo 
Brooks Bennett, defense, Evo 
Joey Balestra, defense, Freeze 
Thayer Got, defense, Burn 
Quinn Burns, goalie, Evo 

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